PANKO plum moth trap

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New PANKO trap for monitoring the presence of a plum fruit moth: the guarantee of lush and healthy fruit.

Plum fruit moth adhesive pheromone trap 2 pcs. (Grapholita funebrana)

Trap – a folding structure made of plastic covered with special glue which is resistant to drying, soaking or long-time exposure to sunlight. The trap is free of any harmful substances or pesticides. The pheromone trap is a preventive measure which helps to decide whether insecticide application is required.
Monitoring traps are species-specific and are used to catch only the selected species, for instance those that pose the biggest threat (e.g. plum fruit moth). Traps put up in a small back garden or allotment may help to reduce considerably the percentage of worm-eaten fruits on the monitored trees. Monitoring traps are highly sensitive and effective in selective catching which is the prerequisite for their excellent detection function. Traps should be put up in the second half of April before mass insects migration.

Traps in back gardens and allotments: traps are used for monitoring back gardens and allotments; application: 1 trap per tree.
Traps in orchards: traps are used for monitoring orchards; application: 2 traps per hectare.
The traps should be checked every 2 or 3 days. The risk threshold is an average of two insects per trap.
Contents of a box: 2 traps, 2 pheromone dispensers, 2 fastening cords.

1. Transparent casing for easy monitoring of captured insects
2. Closed structure safe for birds
3. Dust-resistant glue layers
4. New trap structure guarantees selective capturing of codling moths and plum moths
5. Dirt-resistant interior


<<The film shows the previous (classic) cm-trap model>>

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